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Do you have a student approaching or already IN high school at your house?

Are you prepared?  Overwhelmed?  Don’t let self-doubt, or lack of knowledge, rob you and your teen of these very exciting years!

All you need are a few basic “how-to’s” and your high schooler can be well on his way to academic success and a very bright future.

I’ve always enjoyed your approach to learning through Knowledge Quest, and thought that your Homeschool ABCs was a much needed thing. I think your idea for an Upper Level Homeschool class is excellent. Parents can feel so uncertain at this time, and one of my missions has been to gently point them in the right direction, and encourage them that it truly can be done!

Janice Campbell – www.TranscriptsMadeEasy.com

All around the country, parents are pulling their elementary grade children out of school because of the liberal agenda, worldly curriculum, low academic standards, overcrowded classrooms, lack of individualized attention, problems on the playground, harmful peer-pressure, etc. Choosing to homeschool the child in grades K-8 is becoming a commonplace decision, even considered acceptable and rarely questioned.

Why do they suddenly change course in high school?

Well-intentioned parents are returning their children to the classroom as soon as they reach their critical high school years.  And often, all of their hard work in shaping and molding the next generation is erased and replaced by peer-driven behavior – self-focused, worldly and often times destructive.

In less than 60 seconds, you can discover… how to homeschool your high school student with confidence. Get your FREE 5 Day Mini-Course – “5 Keys to Successfully Homeschooling Your Teen Through High School” – today. Learn 5 critical concepts that you must know if you are currently homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling your child through high school.

After you go through the mini-course, check out our full-length, in-depth Upper Level Homeschool Class. With this class you will receive 13 weeks of step-by-step instruction – all the information and resources necessary to teach your high school level student – delivered right to your email box!

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